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Check out this chat I just had on MSPARP! →

tee hee looks like vris and john have plans!! ;D

Check out this chat I just had on MSPARP! →

omg major OTP feels!!! >.< i simply love that ship!!!! :D :D :D so happy right now!!! >.<

lolz me as terezi →

haha decided to drop the bomb on poor little dave. hope he’s okay. >:]


OH…MY…. GOG….. that update it just…. i think john likes davesprite! it is so going in the shipping book for me!! i already shipped johndave anyways so whynot johnsprite?! :D :D heh heh. never thought of dave and jade going out though…. even if he is a sprite. and i wonder what’s up with dave anyways… :? hussie must be fucking shit up. that or he’s grieving. like the death of his bro may be finally getting to him… who knows…. all i know is that i feel kinda odd from it. especially when JOHN meantions davesprite-ghost-butt…. >.< NO! well….. maybe…. :/ BLARGH!!!

simply beautiful. of course i did not play this although i wish that i could. perhaps i can learn to play violin next summer. that would be nice.

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truth or dare homestuck style

heh heh turned equius into a bunny, dave kissed john, and an oc kissed gamzee. this is getting interesting. >:D


oh my god this chat that i am at right now is so fucking hilarious! unfortunately equius is a racist asshole but he always was so it’s okay. truth or dare with an OC rose, john, terezi, gamzee, and equius is pretty funny. i love it!!! mwa ha ha ha ha ha! but unfortunately this rose is sick and pukes a lot…. poor rose. whoever does equius and gamzee does really fuckin good. i’m starting to feel like i am actually terezi. her persona has taken me over completely. it’s maddening. so i’m going to go back to my little chat now. and yeah. see ya!

rp-ing rocks! don’t be afraid to do it!


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